Uncoated Kinetic Recovery Ropes

ASR's Kinetic Recovery Tow Ropes are THE tool to use when towing stuck vehicles. Utilize the kinetic energy of the tow vehicle to apply more extraction power to the stuck vehicle without cringe inducing jolts. Other towing equipment like chains or standard tow straps can transmit unnecessary, damaging impact forces to both vehicles if used with any sort of a running start. Our Double Braid Nylon material provides up to 30% elongation during use, which translates into lower impact but higher energy transfer to the stuck vehicle. It just works better in most situations than any other option out there. 

  • Perfectly Suited For Low Traction Situations.
  • Made From Extremely Durable, Shock Absorbing Double Braid Nylon.
  • KRRs feature Heavy Duty Cordura Abrasion Protection in both Eyes and a 3 ft Slider Section on body.
  • UKRRs feature Marine Grade Coating For UV and Abrasion Resistance.
  • Made In USA.