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Synthetic Rope/Sling Basics

PLASMA/HMPE: The strongest ASR products (Soft Shackles, Winch Lines and Winch Line Extensions) are made with Plasma Rope – ever wonder why Plasma is so strong? Plasma rope is made of HMPE - High Modulus Polyethylene - composed of extraordinarily long molecular chains of polyethylene. Industry began using HMPE in the 1950s, and started spinning it into fibers in the 1970s. It is very tough, with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made. How strong is it? With a yield strength of 2.4 GPa (348,090+ psi), it is as strong as high carbon/high strength steel. However, because of HMPE’s extremely low density, it has a strength-to-weight ratio 8 time higher than high strength steel! This is why plasma-based soft shackles and winch lines float… HMPE is an amazing material, used in many exotic applications such as artificial joints, body armor, and high pressure hydraulic joints and seals. And of course extreme offroad recovery gear!  Plasma is made of HMPE fibers, weaved into rope, and is arguably the strongest rope on the market today. 

MATERIALS: In addition to being Made in the USA, ASR synthetic line products are constructed only with rope compliant with the Buy American Act (BAA) and Trade Agreement Act (TAA).  Why does this matter?  Because if you know anything about foreign sourcing of anything, you know the biggest concerns lie with Quality Control enforcement.  By sourcing domestically, we ensure adherence to the strictest Quality Control protocols all the way back to the raw materials used in our products.  And when the safety of you and your rig is at stake, quality matters!

 SERIALIZED TAGS: All ASR Synthetic Line products are individually serialized, with a unique serial number appearing on each tag.  Why do this?  This unique number enables us to trace each item back to the raw materials that were used in it’s construction - this same tracking method is used to track construction materials in the nuclear industry.  Traceability of materials is an important requirement for our military and other demanding customers (to verify compliance with the Buy American Act (BAA), Trade Agreements Act (TAA), among other things), and we pass along the same item traceability to all our customers... and we’ve been doing this for years.