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Safe-Xtract App


The Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery App is the first and only comprehensive App available for backroad and off-road enthusiasts.  It provides a wide range of functionality even with no connectivity, so it will work no matter how far off the grid you have gone.  If your device works, so will the app!  It enables the user to optimize use of the Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Kit, and can be used with any properly rated vehicle recovery gear. 

DEVELOPMENT: Safe-Xtract's App evolved from an algorithm created for the US Military.  After years of fine tuning and hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing, this algorithm was approved by the US Army's NetWarrior program.  Many professional off-road experts contributed to the development process, and once they recognized the power of the algorithm to provide valuable safety data that was relevant to any recovery, they began to inquire as to whether they could gain access to the app's functionalities.  This led Safe-Xtract down a separate path, to develop an enhanced app that greatly expanded on the original algorithm's capabilities.  As with all Safe-Xtract initiatives, the goal was to provide the user with tools that would improve their ability to safety conduct vehicle recovery operations.

CORE FUNCTION: Safe-Xtract's app uses a common set of inputs - taking advantage of the power of modern electronic devices to make this process as simple as possible - in order to provide a range of key information relevant to any vehicle recovery effort.  Simply select the "Xtracting a Stuck Vehicle" option and you are walked through the process.  In addition to calculating the "total stuck resistance" of a vehicle, the app goes on to highlight which recovery configurations are viable, the minimum strength requirements for the components to be used, how badly your winch will be bogged down by excessive wraps of line on your winch drum, minimum and maximum speed parameters when using a Kinetic Rope, and so much more.  Each recommended configuration is linked to rigging diagrams and training videos, helping to walk you through whatever configuration you choose.  Use this functionality in the field, use it to run simulations at home, or use it to properly size gear for your rig.   

                 app-1.png   app-2.png

                 app-4.png   app-6.png

There is also a "Learning Center" where you can access diagrams, videos and helpful tips for different vehicle recovery scenarios.  And the app can be customized for your vehicle by using the "Update My Vehicle" tab, enabling much of the data to be auto-filled when your own vehicle is on either end of a recovery effort.  

PAIRED WITH TRAINING: All vehicle recovery configurations referenced by the App are the same ones taught by the International 4 Wheel Drive Trainers Association.  This standardization ensures the user is provided with proven methods that have been vetted by trained professionals.  This also enables the app to serve as a refresher for any course you have taken that is taught by an I4WDTA instructor.  

At only $9.99, this app is an incredible deal, providing a wide range of data and insight into your rigging needs that cannot be found anywhere else - this app will elevate your understanding of vehicle recovery and enhance the safety of your recovery operations.  The safety of you, your mates and your vehicle are worth it!