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Soft [Synthetic Line] Shackles

Soft Shackles are a 'closed loop' way to connect different rigging pieces together.  They are a relatively new tool, and ASR was one of the first companies to build them back in 2012 - and since then we’ve evolved the design to the point where we can confidently say there is no higher quality shackle on the market today.  Proper soft shackles are made of incredibly strong HMPE synthetic line.  HMPE rope is stronger than standard steel cable of the same diameter while being 6 times lighter, providing an astounding strength to weight ratio.  When used properly, the design provides a secure loop that will not open and is further strengthened when under tension, and the lightweight nature of a soft shackles ensures minimal projectile hazard if a line fails, greatly reducing the danger – a marked improvement over the dangers associated with metal items flying at high-velocity amid a line failure.  


ASR sells two types of Soft Shackes:  the FLEX SOFT SHACKLE, which is a basic, ultra-strong shackle made of HMPE, and the EXTREME SOFT SHACKLE, a two-toned ultra-strong shackle made of HMPE with a braided guard on the body for the ultimate in abrasion protection.

When pairing Soft Shackles with Winch Lines and other rigging items, always ensure the Soft Shackle MBS (minimum breaking strength) exceeds the breaking strength of the item it is being paired with.  ASR Soft Shackles can be tagged with a 5:1 Safety Factor upon request, allowing them to be used for overhead lifting.