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About Safe-Xtract


Safe-Xtract (SX) is an industry leader in Vehicle Recovery education and innovation, and their Vehicle Recovery System is the best and most comprehensive vehicle recovery system available today.  It is used by elite military units, professional organizations and skilled operators around the world.  It is the only recovery system endorsed by the prestigious International 4 Wheel Drive Trainers Association.  This unique recovery system is composed of 3 fundamental pillars: the Safe-Xtract Kit, Professional Training and the Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery App.  

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THE SX KIT: Before creating their kit, SX mapped out all fundamental vehicle recovery methods and distilled them down into 5 basic rigging configurations.  Three of these configurations require a winch, while the other two do not.  SX then developed a modular set of rigging components that could be used to outfit every listed configuration, creating several unique and patented components along the way.  Top subject matter experts and military professionals provided input that guided the developmental process.  Each individual kit component size and strength is optimized for both safety and ease of use, using the best materials and construction methods available.  All kit components are proudly Made in the USA.  The resulting SX kit is incredibly well thought out, leveraging decades of vehicle recovery experience and hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing.  SX kits were eagerly adapted by SOCOM and many others.  Different kit sizes are available, with each size designed for compatibility with a specific range of winch capacities and GVWR.  SX kits are an excellent fit for anyone who simply wants a lightweight kit that can do it all.  

TRAINING:  Vehicle Recovery is a dangerous activity that involves the application of significant static and sometimes dynamic forces on vehicles and vehicle recovery equipment.  Catastrophic failure can occur when using improperly sized equipment or when using equipment incorrectly.  Catastrophic equipment failures can destroy vehicles, contaminate the environment and kill people.  When it comes to properly learning the fundamentals of vehicle recovery, there is no substitute for experience!  SX strongly recommends people receive training on the principles of vehicle recovery from a reputable trainer before attempting vehicle recovery operations in the field.  The International 4 Wheel Drive Trainers Association is a non-profit organization that sets the standard for off road recovery and driving instruction.  They test and certify 4WD trainers to the highest standards using their unique approach and curriculum.  I4WDTA trainers are highly sought after by industry and the US military, and their worldwide network offers civilian classes for every level.  SX is dedicated to expanding access to proper vehicle recovery training opportunities for everyone. 

THE SX VEHICLE RECOVERY APP: As part of their vehicle recovery system, SX developed the first ever back-road/off-road vehicle recovery app.  This innovative app compliments both the SX vehicle recovery kit and the fundamental vehicle recovery principles that underpin their system (and are taught by the I4WDTA).  This app enables you to unlock the full functionality of your SX kit, and it also can be used with any properly rated recovery gear components.  It’s primary algorithm is a proprietary “total resistance” calculator that uses a baseline set of inputs to determine the amount of force needed to recover a stuck vehicle.  This algorithm was originally developed for use by the US Military and has been approved by their NetWarrior program after years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in development and testing.  The app then uses this resistance calculation to provide a huge range of critical data including recommended recovery configurations, strength requirements for recovery gear, winch limitations, max speed for kinetic rope use and so much more.  All recovery recommendations are linked to instructional videos and diagrams.  You can customize the app to your vehicle’s exact specs, there is a learning center filled with training videos, tutorials and other useful information, and the app works even without connectivity, so it's good to go off the beaten path... it is endorsed by the I4WDTA and really is the best kept secret in the off-roading industry.  And at only $9.99, it is an incredible value.