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General Shipping Policy: ASR Offroad is committed to providing great service and great prices for shipment of your order.  We use USPS and UPS as standard shipment methods, but can accommodate special requests if submitted in writing or over the phone. Most orders require 2-5 days in transit once the order is shipped. If you must have an item by a certain time, please contact us to ensure we can meet your delivery requirements. You can reach us at +1 (425) 686-8644 or info@go-asr.com.

Shipments To Canada: Canadian orders for ASR items can be placed through International 4WD Training Association Instructor Chad Achtemichuk at ARC Offroad https://www.arcoffroadtraining.com.   

International Orders (Non-Canadian): ASR Offroad can accept orders from and will ship to countries all over the world via phone/email.  However, due to the complexities of international orders, we only support website based orders from the US. If you would like to place an order from another country, please contact us via email at info@go.asr.com, or via phone at +1 (425) 686-8644.

Shipment Tracking Numbers: ASR Offroad provides e-mail notification of both order receipt and order shipment. The order shipment notification will include the relevant shipment method and the tracking number.  Additionally, you may log onto our website to review details of your account and your recent purchases.

Order Handling Time: In general, most of the items we sell will ship out within the week.  However, periods of unusually high demand or orders featuring significant customization may require a longer lead time.  Handling time for custom orders will be contingent on the details of the order. If you must have an item by a certain time, please contact us to ensure we can meet your delivery requirements.

Like many other websites, upon checkout on the ASR Offroad website you are able to create an account.  Unlike other websites, we do not sell your information - all info is kept in order for us to assist customers with order fulfillment.  Abandoned carts will receive a friendly follow-up email reminding the customer that they have an open cart, however there are no spam emailing lists, etc.  

ASR Offroad shipments are FOB and for taxation purposes are considered "inventory transfer at shipping point".  If a customer wishes to return an item, there will be a 5% restocking fee that helps to cover expenses incurred by payment processing, etc and the customer is required to pay return shipping.