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Safe-Xtract Kits

Safe-Xtract Kits

sx-20k-kit.jpgBased on years of innovative engineering and design, Safe-Xtract's kits are the most comprehensive Vehicle Recovery Kits on the market today.  They are specifically equipped to completely outfit a vehicle with everything needed to perform all basic tenants of winch operation and all primary vehicle recovery configurations.  All components are designed and constructed using the highest possible quality control, safety and utility standards. 

The Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Kit (and indeed the system) is based on the understanding that although there are so many different recovery rigging configurations that can be used, there are basically three fundamental winch operations [Single Line Pull (SLP), Double Line Pull (DLP) [for a 2:1 advantage] and Re-Direct (RD)] and two different non-winch extraction methods [Traction “Xtraction” (TX) and Momentum “Xtraction” (MX)].  Each standard Safe-Xtract kit is designed to include all you need to perform these SLP, DLP, RD, TX and MX extraction methods.  An "Xtreme" version of each kit is available that contains additional equipment to enable the more complex "Spanish Burton" (SB) recovery technique, which provides an impressive 4:1 advantage for the winch against the asset being recovered. 

Beyond this, Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Kits are compatible with the greater Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery System, which includes a professional training network and a Vehicle Recovery App.  This system has been tested under extreme conditions and approved through both the Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC) and the West Virginia Army National Guard Ground Mobility Training (WVANG GMTC).

No other company offers all these capabilities in an integrated recovery kit, that is itself part of a greater recovery system.  Diagrams for the primary vehicle recovery and winch operation arrangements (using v-bridal, variable anchor points and other configurations) are as follows


 screen-shot-2019-12-23-at-11.55.54-pm.pngscreen-shot-2019-12-23-at-11.56.07-pm.pngscreen-shot-2019-12-23-at-11.56.21-pm.pngscreen-shot-2019-12-23-at-11.56.31-pm.png screen-shot-2019-12-23-at-11.56.41-pm.png

Each kit comes with a set of interoperable components with complimentary strength ratings, and has an overall kit strength rating that makes it easy to match the kit with an appropriately sized winch.  

The Standard Kit Component list for an SX-8000 Kit (for use with winches up to 4,000 lb capacity) is as follows:

SX-8000A: 1/4" x 40' Plasma Winch Line (one).
SX-8000B: 1/4" x 40' Plasma Winch Line Extension (one).
SX-8000C: 2" x 10' Poly Tree Saver (two).
SX-8000D: 1/2" x 20' Doube Braid Nylon Kinetic Recovery Rope (one).
SX-8000E: 1/4" x 6" Plasma Soft Shackle (four).
SX-8000F: 1/4" x 12' Plasma Safety Lanyard (two).
SX-8000G: 8,000 lb Aluminum Pulley Block (one).
SX-8000H: 8,000 lb Aluminum X-Lock (one).
SX-8000I: Small SX Gear Bag (one).
SX-0001: Splicing Tool (one).
SX-0002: Delrin Winch Line Lock (one).

The Standard Kit Component list for an SX-20000 Kit (for winch capacities in the 4,000-12,500 lb range) is as follows:

SX-20000A: 7/16" x 60' Plasma Winch Line (one).
SX-20000B: 7/16" Plasma Winch Line Extension (one).
SX-20000C: 3" x 10' Poly Tree Saver (two).
SX-20000D: 7/8" x 20' Double Braid Nylon Kinetic Recovery Rope (one).
SX-20000E: 7/16" x 10" Plasma Soft Shackle (four).
SX-20000F: 3/8" x 12' Plasma Safety Lanyard (two).
SX-20000G: 20,000 lb Aluminum Pulley Block (one).
SX-20000H: 20,000 lb Aluminum X-Lock (one).
SX-20000I: Medium SX Gear Bag (one).
SX-0001: Splicing Tool (one).
SX-0002: Delrin Winch Line Lock (one).



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