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SX-40000 Kit (17,500 - 25,000 lb winch capacity)

The Standard Kit Component list for an SX-40000 Kit (for winch capacities from 17,500 - 25,000 lb) is as follows:
SX-40000A: 5/8" x 60' Plasma Winch Line (one).
SX-40000B: 5/8" x 60' Plasma Winch Line Extension (one).
SX-40000C: 4" x 10' 3-Ply Poly Tree Saver (two).
SX-40000D: 2" x 20' Double Braid Nylon Kinetic Recovery Rope (one).
SX-40000E: 5/8" x 18" Plasma Soft Shackle (four).
SX-40000F: 7/16" x 12' Plasma Safety Lanyard (two).
SX-60000G: 60,000 lb Aluminum Pulley Block with integrated Soft Shackle (one).
SX-40000H: 40,000 lb Aluminum X-Lock (one).
SX-40000I: Medium SX Gear Bag (two).
SX-0001: Splicing Tool (one).
SX-0002: Delrin Winch Line Lock (one).

The SX-40000 Kit shares several components with other kits as the strength rating and functionality of those components is sufficient to meet all required safety factors.

The SX-40000 Kit is available for purchase here: https://www.asroffroad.com/sx-40000-kit/